I am not a doctor and make no claim to dispense medical advice or to administer therapy.  My specific qualifications are based on completing the Oh Crap! Potty Training Certification Program, with a badge of excellence.  Oh Crap! Potty Training does not advocate corporal punishment or shaming of children - no advice or information provided in conjunction with this website shall be construed as such.  My potty training advice falls within the purview of this certification, and services come with no guarantees or warrantees.
My personal potty training experience covers a wide variety of ages, personalities, and situations. In an effort to get you the BEST help possible with potty training the following statements are what I have found to be true, based on the Oh Crap! Potty Training approach:
These services are for you IF:
• You don't know how to begin potty training, or simply need help as you get started
• You have attempted potty training (using "Oh Crap" OR other approaches) and need additional support
• Your child’s age is somewhere between 16 months and 4 years

These services are NOT for you IF:

  • Your child is over 4 years old and showing extreme resistance. This warrants more specific assistance than I provide.
    • Your child is under 16 months. It’s COMPLETELY possible to have a diaper-less child under 16 months. This is simply a different approach than Oh Crap! Potty Training and is referred to as Elimination Communication.  Contact me for additional resources on this approach.

Special Needs

Many parents have used Oh Crap Potty Training to potty train their special needs child. However, we all know that each child has their own quirks and idiosyncrasies.

It's important to recognize that your child’s particular diagnosis will be a huge part in his potty training. For example, if your child has Oppositional Defiance Disorder, your child most likely will be defiant about the transition from diapers to potty. Kids with Sensory Integration Disorder will have issues with the feel of the potty chair and/or pooping. Children with Autism will run the gamut, depending on the severity/specifics of their diagnosis.