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From Author of Oh Crap! Potty Training, Jamie Glowacki

When I say Jenny has the patience of a saint, I’m not exaggerating. Jenny is almost miraculous in knowing how to talk parents down from the cliff of potty training troubles. She knows the right questions to ask and more importantly, the right times to listen. Jenny is one of the first Oh Crap! Experts and I was able to work directly with her with over 100 clients. I watched her patiently guide strung out parents through some of the craziest situations out there. Having worked through many of the biggest potty training problems with her own daughter, Jenny completely understands how crazy potty training can make you. Once you choose to consult with Jenny, you will immediately feel you are in the best hands.

I am proud of my 5 star rating on Yelp!

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Consulting Testimonials:


Like another reviewer, I worked with Jenny though a month-long facebook event, and she helped our family go from "oh no, what do we do?" to having a successfully potty trained 2 year old!  We feel so lucky to have had her as a guide, as she really helped us navigate some challenges where just reading a book wasn't enough, and helped us understand what was going on with OUR kid, not just kids in general.  Thanks for everything!


Kristina L., Arden, NC, 1-28-2016


I participated in a month long Facebook group event with Jenny and it was the best thing I did while potty training my little one. Reading books is one thing, but then in real life you will have so many questions because life rarely goes as in a text book... So it was really helpful to have someone who has seen it all to answer questions in close to real time, and walk you through things.


T.K., Del Mar, CA 1-11-2016


Jenny was a great source of knowledge and support as I was potty training my 21 month old and night training my 3 year old.  I had read the book, "Oh Crap! Potty Training," but experienced some scenarios that I needed specific advice for and Jenny gave me several ways to adjust and modify what we were doing.  She was also very supportive and encouraging as I got frustrated in the process!  I would highly recommend Jenny's help if you find yourself with roadblocks on your potty training journey!


Kelly H., Penfield NY, 12-2-2015


I was hitting major roadblocks potty training my very resistant son, despite having read the Oh Crap book. I turned to Jenny and she was FABULOUS at helping us through it! She was so responsive, so understanding, so helpful in every way. I cannot say enough good things about her. It was like therapy for the me, the parent, and a huge confidence builder, as she guided me through this parenting challenge.


- Julie W., Seattle, WA, 10-6-2015


We followed Jamie Glowacki's potty training method with our 23 month old. After 5 days of being stuck in Block 1, Jenny talked us off the ledge (we were ready to quit) and gave us very helpful advice to keep our son on the path to potty training. She had great suggestions to troubleshoot issues specific to our son (not fully emptying his bladder being the main one). Two weeks in, we have a not even 2 year old who can pee on command on a potty! Jenny's support got us through what were the toughest 2 weeks since we brought home a very fussy infant. Could not recommend her one-to-one consultation services more highly.


- Christina W., Manhattan, NY, 10-6-2015


Jennifer's forum was my salvation and solution to all my PT issues! I had been potty training my now 22 month old son (he was 20.5 when we started) for about a month but still was getting a looot of resistance (mostly crying when sitting on toilet) and wee accidents here and there and that's why I decided to access Jenny's forum and get some help. I had reached a point where stress and anxiety about PT was definitely affecting everyone in the house.  From the beginning I noticed she was genuinely willing to help me and even though our time zones were very different she always made sure to reply to any of my comments and queries up until the end. Even the most simple questions I asked (which I asked a lot) she responded.  She was very personal handling my specific situation with particular and specific recommendations, she made sure to understand what I was going through and go from there.  I would definitely recommend anyone who is struggling with OCPT to get help from Jenny. Plus you also get acces to other mums issues which can help you as well. Ever since I took all her advice my son has been wonderful, no accidents and happy to go to the toilet whenever and wherever. Thank you Jenny!


- Karilis P., Melbourne, Australia, 9-8-2015


"Jenny helped see me through potty training from day one with my almost 3-year old. I read through the book and felt like I had a handle on how things would go, but having the one-on-one support was invaluable when things inevitably got a little crazy. Jenny offered calm, reassuring advice and troubleshooting - just what I needed to push through the chaos. I would highly recommend having an expert on your side; it really helped me feel so much more confident in the process."


- Stefani W., San Diego, CA, 9-5-2015


"Working with Jenny while potty training my son was so incredibly helpful. I had already unsuccessfully tried a different potty training method before being introduced to "Oh Crap! Potty Training," so I was extremely nervous about trying again. Jenny was able to address every one of my questions and give me the assurance and confidence I needed to be able to go into potty training in the right mindset. During the potty training process, each time we had an issue I was able to breathe so much easier knowing Jenny was there to consult with. In potty training it is pretty important for the caregiver enforcing the change to not lose their cool and flip out, and having Jenny there absolutely helped me hang on in those moments when I was struggling a bit. Jenny gave me detailed, prompt responses to every single question I asked her (and I asked A LOT of questions). She clarified points in the book that I wasn't sure about, she addressed all concerns I had during the potty training process, and she helped set me up for any future issues we may encounter. I loved that she would give me word-for-word examples of how to talk to my son about sensitive issues. Jenny was also responded to every one of my questions in a very timely manner, which was huge. I can't recommend the "Oh Crap! Potty Training" curriculum any higher, and I know that having Jenny help us is a huge part of why potty training was a success for us. "


-Courtney H., Vancouver, WA, 8-27-2015


Jenny was a wonderful support while we were potty training our 2.5 year old daughter.  I read the book and even took notes, but nothing can really prepare you for some of the hiccups along the way...especially in those first few stressful days!  Thankfully, Jenny's support through the online forum was a huge help. She was prompt in her responses to my questions, provided a lot of detail, considered multiple solutions, and was an overall encouragement.  I'm so grateful for her support and knowledge and happy to say that we potty trained our daughter in just over a week with the OCPT process and Jenny's help!


Becky P., Newport Beach, CA, 8-23-2015


Class Testimonials:


I took one of Jenny's potty training classes and I'm so glad I did! My daughter is 2-1/2 and I had tried potty training her 4 other times since she was 18 months and I was running out of ideas, patience and resources. I heard about Jenny's class coming to my local area and I thought that I probably wouldn't learn anything I didn't already know having read so many articles online and been given so much advice from friends and family. I forgot to mention that I gave birth to twin boys 7 months ago and my daughter was competing with the attention of not only one baby but two and I knew I needed help potty training but I wasn't sure if anything would help. Jenny's potty training class helped me think differently about potty training. It opened my eyes and made me see that the way I was viewing potty training wasn't helping the situation. I had gotten to the point, after trying so many different techniques, that my mind was focused on the end result and that every child potty trains and this is what needed to be done and every child needs to be potty trained. After listening to Jenny speak in her class my mind opened up and I realized where I was going wrong. I felt my tension and stress start to melt away after listening to her. I felt positive and I was excited to go into potty training this time. My husband took some time off work so I could focus on my daughter and implement Jenny's way of thinking and techniques and I have to say that my daughter has done a wonderful job potty training! She is going on two weeks potty trained and diaper free! Jenny's class changed my life! Thank you Jenny.


Amanda Q., Hesperia, CA, 2-23-2016


Jenny's online potty training class was AMAZING! My three year old son was potty trained within days of me watching and implementing the tips Jenny shared in her online videos. The ease of accessibility to the content online made this process so smooth and doable. For anyone about to potty train their child, this is a MUST! Thank you, Jenny!!!


Melissa R., Santa Monica, CA, 2-5-2016


As a first time mom, the thought of potty training was giving me a lot of anxiety. But after attending Jenny's potty party I feel confidant about the process because Jenny provides all the tools for success. She is extremely knowledgeable on the process and I appreciate that she shares helpful tips that worked for training her own child. I am relieved to know that she is available to help me through this process!


Vanessa M., Downey, CA, 9-2-2015


I attended a potty party given by Jenny. She covered a lot of information in the class and is passionate about finding solutions to problems which may arise during training. What a wonderful resource!!!


Marilyn C., Carmichael, CA, 8-26-2015

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