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Last week I wrote about my Top 4 Must-Have Potty Training Products.  Your shopping list does not have to end there.  If you want to invest a little bit more, or if some specific but common potty training problems come up, there are a couple of other potty training products that I do love and recommend – but don’t consider *essential.*  ALL of my recommendations we have personally used in our household.

  1. Built-in Seat Reducer:

This is a little pricey, but my husband REALLY wanted to upgrade our toilet seats anyway.  Might as well get a built-in seat reducer while we’re at it!  While I don’t consider this essential – I have also helped my daughter on the big toilet with no seat reducer at all – it IS really convenient.  It is THE most stable seat reducer we’ve used, because it’s part of the seat.  And it’s not inconvenient for us adults, because a magnet holds the little seat up – so it defaults to the “adult” position.

  1. Plastic Training Pant Covers:

If you find yourself in a daycare/preschool/caregiver situation where your child is not yet reliable at using the potty (or not reliable in these situations), OR you have a special school situation in general where they are suggesting rediapering, I highly recommend trying for plastic pants as a happy medium.  Though traditionally these have been used in combination with cloth training pants, I personally have never found the need for those.  Instead, undies can be used under plastic pants just as effectively.  The benefit of going this route is that your child will still be able to *feel* that they are wet, but the accident will also be contained.  This feeling of wetness is important to the process, a feeling which is not maintained when using disposable diapers or pullup-style disposable training pants.  Though our daughter became reliable at home very quickly, it took a couple of weeks before she could be reliable at daycare.  Luckily for us, daycare was on board with not going back to diapers, ever.  So our compromise, one that I felt very good about, was using these plastic pants.

  1. Potty Doll:

My daughter didn’t have a doll, at all, the Christmas before we potty trained.  In our case, I was planning to get her a doll for Chistmas anyway, so why not a potty doll?  The Corolle potty doll is very cool for a few reasons.  Of course, you give it water and it pees.  Kindof fun!  It is also a doll that your child can take in the bath.  My daughter LOVED bathing with Baby Emma.  Something that I considered important was that these dolls are anatomically correct.  Personally I think it makes sense to talk about the actual parts of the body when we are teaching potty training skills.  One last unexpected thing: this doll SMELLS great!  We did use this doll for its purpose.  It helped to motivate my daughter to pee before leaving the house when we started back up at daycare.  We would take turns with the doll peeing and her!


  1. And… of course! The Infamous Solo Cup!

This is the cheapest potty training product imaginable, and available at stores everywhere.  I discuss the many ways this can be useful in my recent blog post, “Yellow is the New Red (Solo Cup)”.

Happy Potty Training!


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