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It is true: potty training is not an easy job.  But there are a lot of rewards along the way.  Here are some of my favorite potty training perks:

  1. Poop cleanup is SO much easier.  I am one month away from my 1-year anniversary of changing a poopy diaper.  We just do a headstand (butt up in the air), some toilet paper to wipe, and flush.  Simple!
  2. Saving $$ on diapers. Yeah, ok – we cloth diapered, so we wouldn’t spend extra $$ anyway.  BUT, no more *washing* cloth diapers!  So you’re either saving time, money, or both!
  3. “Daddy help me peepee.” Oh yes.  I have a total daddy’s girl.  While SO MANY men’s bathrooms don’t have changing tables to change diapers, there’s no such restriction on toilets.  So while I used to have to change 90% of the diapers while out in public, now the roles are reversed.  Now I can sit and enjoy some peaceful bites of my meal while my little girl takes a bathroom break with her daddy!
  4. 2 year old poop humor. A potty trained 2 year old can really make you laugh with their unique sense of humor.  Our daughter tells us what shape her poop is.  I pooped a “7”!  I pooped an “S”!  I pooped an ALLIGATOR!!  (Yes, with little legs and everything.)
  5. Seeing “gender” through a 2 year old’s eyes. Seriously, I never even noticed that most men’s bathrooms have a triangle shape, and most women’s have a circle.  I always just looked at the pants versus the dress.  But a 2 year old is just learning about shapes and signs. So triangle means boy and circle means girl. What a revelation the first time I heard (shouted), “GRANDPA uses the TRIANGLE bathroom!!”
  6. Your 2 year old doctor’s appointment.  It’s pretty cool to go into the doctor, be asked to take their diaper off, and be able to say non-chalantly, “Diaper?  Oh, we don’t use those anymore!”
  7. That special look when they’re peeing. It really IS special.  🙂
  8. Potty Parties. The total lack of self-consciousness of a 2 year old is awe-inspiring.  I will never forget being on a playdate with 2 boys.  Little girl goes into the bathroom, and before I know it there’s 2 boys and a girl ALL peeing together.  M on her travel potty, T on his little potty, and C straddling the big one.
  9. Drama free start to preschool. Potty training policy?  We don’t need that.  Diaper fees?  No thanks!

And… of course:

  1. The ultimate 2 year old potty behavior: the BIG announcement. There’s nothing like being out at a restaurant and having a 2 year old run out of the bathroom shouting, “I PEEPEED!!!!”  Ok, “AND I POOPED TOO!”  is even better 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my personal list of favorite potty training moments. I’d love to hear your most treasured potty training moments as well!  If you would like to learn how YOU can potty train your little one too, please get in touch or check out my services!

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Awesome Things about Having a Potty Trained 2 Year Old

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    Stephanie Rubyor

    Awesome list!! I am SO looking forward to being diaper free. I have had a six month break from diapers in eleven and a half years. Hopefully soon. My daughter just turned two and hates being wet or dirty so I have got my fingers crossed.

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    Cristina Favreau - content :: marketing :: strategy

    #2 (no pun intended) is definitely the BEST thing about having a potty-trained little one. I was fortunate in that my older two potty trained pretty quick. Thanks for sharing your humorous take!! It certainly is a big milestone, isn’t it!?

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    That’s so funny! My son was really easy to potty train. I just hope my daughter will be too. So far, she’s been a little behind her brother on hitting her milestones. Fingers crossed!

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    I think their cute tiny little bottoms in knickers is pretty good too. My daughter will be two in 2 weeks and got her “knick-nicks” from Santa after a long bare-bot phase. Also the gleeful “yay me” with every delivery! We’re so grateful for your book!